Why water is our most valuable ressource


We care about tomorrow. Environmental thinking has a long tradition in our company and so for many years we have been using deliberately water in our dispersions as the main solvent and restrain from the use of organic solvents.

Water as our base.

Our wax additives are based on harmless raw materials as well as water and are therefore environmentally friendly. It goes without saying that our products have fulfilled for several years all conditions needed to be classified as heavy metal free, formaldehyde free, APEO-free, amine free, VOC-free and are not subject to identification requirements.

We live the idea of sustainability.

We are searching continuously for environmentally sensible solutions and the percentage of formulations based on renewable raw materials is rising year by year.

„Green“ products.

More and more consumers consider the environmental friendliness of a product in their buying decision. It therefore becomes more important to manufacture products environmentally friendly and to classify them as such. With our additives we enable you as a manufacturer to formulate “green” products without the loss of usual performance. With our environmentally friendly formulations we assist you to classify your products with EU EcoLabel, “Blue Angel” and similar – this has been since a long time a big advantage of our products.