Our history

For 100 years we have been dedicated to producing solutions.

  • 1913:  Foundation of Süddeutsches Emulsionswerk in Mannheim. Production and Sales of fish oil products (e.g. cod liver oil emulsions for veterinary and human applications). 
    Founder: Adam Wüst
  • 1933: Fritz Kost (son in law of Adam Wüst) joined the company.
    Subsequent years: Production and product portfolio extended.
  • 1935: Purchase of a new and bigger production site in Mannheim-Neckarau.
    Süddeutsches Emulsionswerk is the most important emulsion company in Southern Germany.
  • 1936: Fritz Kost appointed co-owner
  • 1937: Due to legal ban the manufacturing of medicinal and veterinary fish oil emulsions had to be stopped.
    Beginning of production of floor care chemicals and release agents.
  • 1939: First production of specialty raw materials for bakeries and confectionary shops.
    Due to our expertise we have been the only company in Germany being able to homogenise fatless bakery raw materials. Production continued during the war.
  • 1945-54: Production of margarine.
    Increasing market penetration and market power of Margarine Union forced us to give up this sector in 1954.
  • 1955: Development and production of waterborne wax- and paraffin emulsions for paper and cardboard industry started.
    New brand: WÜKONIL
  • 1960: Development of first export markets in Northern and Southern Europe started.
  • 1963: Werner Kost appointed as general manager.
  • 1978: Development and production of waterborne wax additives for the paint & varnish industry started.
    New brand: LUBRANIL
  • 1985-90: Product portfolio expanded into new industry sectors such as construction chemicals, adhesives and polishes.
  • 2001: Christian Kost and Dr. Michael Kost (fourth generation) took over the management of the company.
    Since 2001: intensified internationalization strategy – main emphasis Eastern Europe.
  • 2006: New logistics centre opened.
  • 2009: Acquisition of an additional site from the neighbours. Expansion of production capacities.
  • 2010: Introduction of a new production line for waterborne polymer dispersions.
    New brand: WÜKOSEAL
  • 2011: International marketing of waterborne 2013 heat seal dispersions for flexible packaging started.
  • 2012: Sales cooperation for India.
  • 2013: September: 100 year company anniversary