Why our products perform often deliberately as water repellents

Our products

Each target is different. According to the requirements specification and in dialogue with our customer we tailor-made products to suit the specific demand. One core property of our products is the improvement of the hydrophobicity of a laquer or paper surface.

The perfect surface.

additives optimize surfaces in a huge variety of coating systems. To achieve this we use any
kind of synthetic and natural waxes, copolymers, polymers either on a stand-alone basis or
as compounds.

Products which set standards.

As one of the most important specialists for waterborne wax emulsions /-dispersions in Europe SEC has already set standards in paper industry during 50s and 60s of the last century. Since around 1980 we are also one of the leading players for waterborne wax additives in the paint and varnish sector.

Quality makes no compromises.

This principle is followed by us throughout the entire value-added chain. Starting with the selection of raw materials for the product development, continuing with the production, quality control, delivery to the customer and ending with a continuous customer service – we are only satisfied, when our customers are satisfied!

Product Overview
Waterborne emulsions / dispersions as well as micronized waxes based on::

  • PE / HDPE waxes
  • Paraffins
  • Micro waxes
  • Fischer-Tropsch-waxes
  • Montane waxes
  • Ester waxes
  • Amide waxes
  • Natural waxes
  • Carnauba-/Bee waxes
  • PTFE-waxes
  • Wax-compounds
  • Polymer-wax-compounds
  • Polypropylene waxes
  • Various polymers