Paper and cardboard industry

The paper industry relies since more then 60 years on SEC products ! Our tailor-made WÜKONIL®- and SÜDRANOL®-wax additives and compounds as well as WÜKOSEAL®-polymer/polymer wax dispersions improve the surface quality and increase the efficiency in the manufacturing process.

Environmentally friendly barrier dispersions

A special focus of SEC is the development of waterborne, environmentally friendly barrier coating dispersions for a variety of barrier needs of the packaging industry. Our WÜKOSEAL®-barrier and heat seal dispersions are free of any solvents and volatile organic compounds (VOC) and comply with the necessary food contact legislation of the American FDA, the German BfR as well as the EU-guidelines.

WÜKOSEAL®-barrier coatings are used as functional barriers against water and water vapour (including tropical areas) as well as barriers against oil, mineral oil, grease, fatty substances, aroma and oxygene. They prevent that above substances diffuse into or out of the pre packed food. This is particularly important for the packaging of food !
Target of our developments are environmentally friendly, sustainable solutions for the packaging industry which are biodegradable and recyclable.

Thanks to our innovative WÜKOSEAL®-barrier coatings it gets possible to replace composite materials through environmentally friendly solutions. As an example we are in a position to replace extruded PE coatings through waterborne barrier dispersions. Typical applications include paper cups, cardboard trays for fast food and paper packaging for various food products including frozen food.

For „non-food“-products such as washing powder our WÜKOSEAL®-barrier additives are innovative environmentally friendly alternatives to achieve water vapour barriers of < 10 g/m2 in 24 h.

For the impregnation of paper and cardboard SEC-products set new benchmarks with regard to performance and recyclability. Significant reductions of the Cobb value (Cobb60 according to DIN EN 20535) are possible and cutting edges are the same water repellent as the surface. Customers can also replace fluorocarbon containing products with SEC solutions.

Regardless whether for application in mass, coating devices, size press/film press, surface preparations for paper manufacturing / paper finishing or in printing processes at the converter – please feel free to contact us. Because what counts are working solutions and not just products. We are pleased to consult you!